The Best Fly Tags For Cattle Reviews 2024

After researching a huge list we listed the best fly tags for cattle and related items for you…

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Insecticidal Ear Tags

List of The Best Fly Tags For Cattle Reviews and Others

Y-TEX CORPORATION 1503000 25 Count Insecticide Tag
  • Provides healthy environment
  • Protects from the pest
  • Manufactured in China
Bayer 2268521 Patriot Insect Ear Tag
  • Store In Original Container In A Secure, Dry Area
  • Cowboy Magic - Rosewater Shampoo - 16 Oz
  • Harmful If Swallowed Or Absorbed Through The Skin. Avoid Contact With Eyes. Avoid Breathing The Dust
  • Do not reuse or refill container
Y-TEX CORPORATION 1817000 Python Insect Tag (20 Pack)
  • Provides healthy environment
  • Protects from the pest
  • Manufactured in USA
JustiFLY Champion USA Feedthrough Cattle Fly Control | Non-Toxic Larvicide. Controls All Four Fly Species That Affect Cattle. Over 50 Million Head Treated (3 Pack)
  • JustiFLY Feedthrough in a convenient 360gram add-pack for use on-farm
  • The economically priced 360-gram add-pack treats one 50-lb. bag of free choice mineral
  • Breaks the life cycle of horn fly, stable fly, house fly and face fly for pennies per head/day
  • Reduces animal-handling stress. No withdrawal period. No residues. No resistance issues
  • In average, each add-pack of 360gram (12.7oz) treats 2 animals for 6 months (6 addpacks = 12 animal for 6 month)
Estrotect - 50 ct Pink/Fuschia
  • Simple to use patches for identifying cows in heat.
  • Surface rubs off when animal is mounted.
  • Color can be exposed in as little as 3 seconds from a single mounting.
  • Will stay on for up to 8 weeks
  • Fuschsia
Durvet Spectra Shield Collar Attached Medallion, 56-Pound and Over
  • For control of ticks and fleas on dogs for up to 4 months
  • Collar Medallion that contains a powerful synergized pyrethroid insecticide that kills Adult fleas and all stages of ticks
  • Exhibits very low toxicity to animals and humans
Z Tags 25 Count 1-Piece Blank Tags for Cows, Purple
  • Tag design ensures that the back of the tag will not snag and pull out or break off
  • Exclusive self-piercing tag tip makes a clean, precise incision to prevent infection and promote faster healing
  • Flexible tag material resists snagging on wire or brush
  • No assembly required
Bayer Corathon Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags
  • Slate colored Corathon reg insecticide cattle ear tags with FyberTek reg can be used for both beef cattle and non lactating dairy cattle
  • Contains 50 organophosphate insecticide 25 more active ingredient than the Co Ral Plus reg Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag
  • Controls horn flies face flies Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks for up to five months
  • Controls pyrethroid resistant and chlorinated hydrocarbon resistant horn flies
  • Controls face flies the mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis the bacteria that causes pinkeye in cattle
Stainless Steel Livestock Ear Tag Removing Tool Ear Tag Remover Applicators Pliers for Animal Cattle Sheep Goat Pig
  • Durable ear tag remover is made of high quality stainless steel and rubber. Used for cutting and removing ear tags of livestocks animals and pets.
  • Length of the ear tag removal plier is 13.4cm/5.28in. Suitable for most livestock ear tags, such as ear tags for goats, cattle, sheep, pigs, etc. Save time and effort.
Glamorway Practical Cattle Livestock Metal Goat Ear Tag Animal Tool Plier Forcep Applicator
  • ★MADE OF GREAT MATERIAL:Zinc alloy switch,stainless steel clamp.
  • ★THREE STEPS DIAMETER OF PIN:Suitable for different male tag holes.
  • ★CAN BE USED WIDELY:Also used in sign small size livestocks or animals,such as pig,sheep,goat,deer.
  • ★PLS REMEMBER THE NOTICE:After installing male tag with nail,must align the center of female tag when using.
Ear TAG Plier Cattle Pig Livestock Goat Ear Tagger Animal ID Identifying Tool
  • 100% Brand New and High Quality. Made from durable material.
  • High-quality stainless steel spring and center shaft durable without rust, handle feel comfortable, easy to operate.
  • A good helper tool for the farmer. Suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags.
  • Automatic seperate after playing, more convenient compared to the old ear tag tool!
  • Package Included: 1* RED EAR TAG PLIERS.
ZHEQOGZH Livestock Ear Tag Applicator for Cattle Sheep Pigs Cow Metal Ear tag Pliers Ear Tag Tool with Flip Pin (90-Degree Rotatable)
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This ear tag tool made of quality alloy with stainless steel clamp, solid, durable and rust-proof; a replacement applicator pin and a replacement clamp are included;
  • WIDELY USED: A good helper tool for the farmer, suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags;
  • LOCK DESIGN: There a lock button that you can keep the ear tag pliers open or closed;
  • NON-SLIP: Non-slip finish, nice hand grip; stainless steel spring, great elasticity for labor-saving; product length: 9.84";
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP: We always stand behind our products, feel free to contact us if you need any help with this cattle ear tag pliers.
Numbered Farm Livestock Ear Tags for Cow Pig Sheep Cattle Identification Plastic TPU Precision Ear Stud Card Labels for Farm Animals (Customized) with 1 PC Plier Applicator (Blue, 100 PCS)
  • Livestock ear tag and applicator kit, make the animals management easy and clear for the information management for livestock and farm animals.
  • BASF/Bayer’s special TPU for ear tag only-Environment and safety. Material is very soft and will not hurt or uncomfort animals.
  • Printing: Never fade LASER printed (NOT ink printing) with progressive unique sequentiel series number as defaulted or customized as your request with leaving us message.
  • The tip of the ear tag is made of sharp cooper which is easy to fit into the ear of the animal with the tag applicator.
  • Big size: 2.89"*2.38"(73.5mm*60.50mm), idea for Cow, Cattle, Horse, Sheep, Pig, Big Dog or big or medium size animals.
100 Sets Numbered Plastic Ear Tags Livestock Identificationfor Earring for Calves Sheep Cattle Cows Pigs(Blue) with 1 pcs Plier Applicator
  • Funciton: ear tag make it more easy to manage the livestock's information, including bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other animal information
  • Animal earing's overall is TPU materials, no need to worry it will harm to animals
  • Printing: laser print default serial number or customizer number, no easy to fade
  • High quality material can hardy antifreeze heat. Durable, not easy to damage
  • Ideal for the information management of small animal such as calves, pigs, cow, sheep etc. Ear tag applicator makes ear tag placement easier, save labor
MACGOAL Livestock Ear Tag Applicator for Cattle Sheep Pigs Cow Metal Ear tag Pliers Ear Tag Tool
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: This ear tag tool made of quality alloy with stainless steel clamp, durable and rust-proof;
  • WIDELY USED: A good helper tool for the farmer, suitable for many kinds of pig sheep goat cattle ear tags;
  • LOCK DESIGN: There a lock button that you can keep the ear tag pliers open or closed; product length: 9.84";
  • NON-SLIP: Nice hand grip; stainless steel spring, great elasticity for labor-saving;
  • WE ARE HERE TO HELP: We always stand behind our products, feel free to contact us if you need any help with this cattle ear tag pliers.

Buying Guide for The Best Fly Tags For Cattle

External cattle parasites can cause stress and energy loss to your cattle. Those external parasites of your cattle can cause a loss in beef production.

You can control those external parasites with the best fly tags for cattle. We have come with some buying guides to help you to choose the best fly tags for cattle.

Controlling Flies On Cattle

Choose the right size

Variety sizes of fly tags are available for cattle. You have to choose the right size of fly tags for your cattle. The size of the fly tags depends on their brand.

You can get fly tags in rectangular or square to triangular shapes. With all these shapes and various sizes, it is difficult to choose which fly tag is suitable for your cattle. Small fly tags are suitable for calves. For fully grown cows, you need large and maxi sizes of fly tags.

Two pieces fly tag or one-piece fly tag

Sometimes you get confused about whether a two-piece fly tag or one-price fly tag is better for your cattle.

The pieces depend on the number of parasites your cattle have. If your cattle have a lot of parasites then you can stick with two-piece fly tags. Usually, small calves need one-piece fly tags. And larger cows need a two-piece fly tag for parasites.

Some brands have one tag per animal. But experts have said to use two tags per animal for better face fly control. That means if you want the parasites and flies to reduce completely the use of two fly tags per animal.


The ingredients for fly tags play a vital role while choosing cattle. Because not all fly tags are made for every type of cattle.

You need to realize that certain types of fly tags are suitable for certain cows. For example, beef cattle can have all types of labels. But lactating dairy cattle can have fly tags with certain active ingredients.

permethrin is a common active ingredient in fly tags for cattle. Lactating dairy cattle can get fly tags that have permethrin. Even different types for the brand have the same active ingredient in their fly tags for cattle.

So make sure to check the proper ingredients of fly tags for your cattle. A wrong ingredient can harm your cattle by making the situation worse. That’s why choose the ingredients of fly tags wisely.

The number of flies

Before getting fly tags for your cattle, make sure it is the right time to label your cows. But how can you know the perfect time to apply fly tags on cattle? Well, a solution is mentioned for you that we’ve written below.

Check the number of face flies that are roaming around your cattle’s faces. If you see 50 or more flies per animal side then it’s time to label them a fly tag. By doing this, you are reducing the expansion of flying. The active ingredients will penetrate better if you label the cattle at the right time.

Fly tags for cattle work for 12-14 weeks on average. So if you don’t put the label at the right time then tags won’t provide sufficient control.

The right concentration

Giving the right concentration of fly tags is important for cattle.

8% to 36% insecticide concentration is available on most of the fly tags. That’s why you have to handle the situation with caution. Make sure you’re giving the right concentration of fly tag to your cattle. 

Or you can consult with a vet before labeling your cattle.

Take cautions

You have to be careful about certain things before getting fly tags for cattle. Most fly tags contain ingredients that are harmful to human skin.

You have to purchase hand gloves before getting fly tags for cattle. Because most tags can transfer into the skin while labeling the cows. And after that, the concentrations can spread to your mouth, eyes, and ears.

That’s why make sure you’re taking extra precautions for yourself before getting a fly tag for cattle.

Wear plastic gloves while labeling your cow with fly tags. Do not touch your face or anything after labeling cattle with ear tags. You have to be sensible while abolishing the used tags.

Develop a fly plan

You have to change the drug class every two or three years for face flies and horn flies.

For example, if you’re using organophosphate this time, change the drug to parathyroid after two years. Or if you’re currently using parathyroid then switch to organophosphate after two years.

Developing a fly plan would help you to get rid of flies more effectively.


How long do fly tags last on cattle?

Fly tags on cattle usually last for 11 to 14 weeks. Most fly tags have a shelf life of 12 to 15 weeks. After that, you have to change the ear tag from cattle.

Do cow tags prevent flies?

Ear tags are effective for cows to prevent horn flies. Each animal can face horn flies more than 50 every day. So it is important to prevent flies from the cattle so that they can be healthy. That’s why cow tags or fly tags are important.

Are cattle tags safe for dogs?

Certainly cattle tags are safe for dogs but there is a downward in this situation.  If your dog chews the fly tags then it will be harmful to them. Chewed fly tags can potentially kill your cats, dogs, or children.

Do cow tags keep mosquitos away?

Researchers have said a cow tag can reduce blood-sucking mosquitos up to 70 percent. After application, the mosquitoes will be reduced by 70 percent. After four weeks the mosquitos will prevent up to 80 percent. You have to apply two tags per animal for the best result.

Final Lines

Best fly tags for cattle are a great and impressive way to prevent flies from your cattle. That’s why choosing the correct product for your animal will help them to live a healthy life. We hope you get this article informative.


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