Write for Us


What will we give you?

  • Title for post.
  • Keyword/phrase.
  • Writing format/sections.

What will you give to us?

  • Style/Tone: professional and little bit informal.
  • Formatting requirements: bulleted lists (Try to implement bullet point on the content where possible), short paragraphs, hyperlinks.
  • Resources: Use resources with reference. Cite and reference from medical sites, related industry sites, surveys, manufacturing companies, other bloggers.
  • Sentences: Simple sentence. Avoid using compound or complex sentence. Use only small/easy words and sentences. Only short sentences, strictly no complex sentences
  • Synonyms: Use synonyms or related words where needed.
  • Word: Avoid to use the hard word. Use easy and simple world. Which is under by even class 5 student.
  • Statistics: Include a lot of statistics and data. Include as much statistical data as you can on the content. You can get statistics from industry blogs, trade associations, research organizations and other reliable sources
  • Ignore: Which things are changed over the time.
  • Bucket Bridge: Get detail here.
  • APP: Use APP (Agree, Promise, and Preview) in the intro of content. Get detail here.
  • Multimedia: Use multimedia such as audio, infographic, image, video, slide etc
    • Images: Use royalty free images, non-copyright image, commercially free image.
    • Embed: Highly encouraged to Embed related video(s), slide(s), infographic if needed.
    • Credit: Give proper credit to audio, infographic, image, video. Follow this link.
  • Optimize: Optimize content for the readers (users) then search engine (SEO). For on-page optimization follow this link.
  • Tabel: If need any table use ‘Table Maker’ plugin. And send exported file.
  • Shortcodes: We use ‘Shortcodes’ plugin. If needed use Shortcodes standard.
  • Meta Description: Give CTR friendly meta description. It must be more than 300 characters.
  • Color Code: #0a9fda
  • File format: WordPress formatted file, so that we just copy and past.
  • Content length: 1000 words.
  • Plagiarized: Non plagiarized 100% unique content.


Question: Is there any cost to publish the guest post?

Answer: No.

Question: Have I need to show my site before sending content.

Answer: Yes, after reviewing your site we will confirm you to send your content.

Question: How many days need to publish my content?

Answer: It depends on our workload.

Question: Can you edit or modify my content?

Answer: Yes, we have right to edit, change, modify, amend, alter or marge, etc.

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