Welcome, all of our respected visitor to this DMCA page of in here we are going to share you some important and legal factor of the website. All the rules-regulation of our each and every post are according to the Copyright fair act of USA (UCFUA) and DMCA. All post such as Images, Audio, Video, GIF, Banner, etc.

Are freely available in many places over the internet and includes no copyright issues. So anyone can use these for their personal or professional usage but all the written content produced by this site is strictly forbidden to share, copy (full or fraction), post, anyplace in internet or print media is forbidden. They are posted according to the law and usual rules of web publishing. So, it will be a violation of law to use, copy or repost without us acknowledge.

What is DMCA?

It’s the short form of Digital Millennium Copyright Act. It works for applying rules, rights etc. of any digital content or subject related to blog or websites. also comply with this too. Our policy to reason any kind of infringement notice which may violate any of its law. If any complaints submitted to our site, we take proper actions according to these laws.

Announcement of Copyright Infringement

If you find any content or material which belong to your site or company that published or use our site without your or proper permission, then you can submit a complaint with detail factors to the site. We will find the facts and try to judge all the matter neutrally as much we can.

But do remember that, if you miss-present any information or violate any laws willingly or unwillingly we will take actions against you according to proper law. Note that, all the action’s cost like damage and attorney fee will collect from you. So, we will suggest you take advice from a legal advisor before submitting any complaints against us or our site.

  1. The encompass materials in your copyright infringement claim
  2. All the encompass materials in your copyright infringement claim will something like these-
  3. Submit proper proof from the authorizes website or person with your complaint.
  4. Provide proper and valid contact information of you so we can reach you easily. Such as mailing address, phone, and email address.
  5. Supply the identified result of the infringed copyright work/claim. This has to consist of on search result at least which shows the clear appearance of the content in the hoofia’s search result.
  6. If you are not directly related to the main/victim party, then make it clear to the complaint, state that you are working behalves of them.
  7. Put a statement with a sign that all the info you provide is 100% genuine and come under penalty law.
  8. Send us all the papers in our mail-id of hoofia or via contact us page.

After receiving your complaint, we will start the action as soon as possible. Usually, it takes time to give a response to complete the investigation but we will try our best to find out the facts so keep your patience and faith to our commitment. But if you submit any complaint to another site, organization, internet service provider that our site will not take any action or consider the fact. So, read all our rules and regulation properly before taking any actions against