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Bed bug 101 – Identify, treatment & Prevention.

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals. Although the common bed bug (Cimex lectularius) prefers feeding on humans blood, it will also bite other warm-blooded animals, including dogs, cats, birds and rodents.


Mosquitoes (alternate spelling mosquitos) are a group of about 3,500 species of small insects that are flies (order Diptera). Though it’s tiny But one of the most dangerous insect of the planet.

Bug Bites In A Line | Mostly Visible On Back, Legs, Neck, And Arms

Bug bites are annoying, sore, and unbearable. We live in a world where bugs depend on human and other animals to feed them. This is why we always have to carry the marks or signs of those bites. Each of these bugs has different bite pattern; clustered, straight line, alienated, or spread over the body. […]