Bed Bug Bites Treatment (Updated)


Are you one of them who can’t sleep well at night for the few months and you might have bite signs in the morning.

Then you may be bitten by bed bugs. They are a very common problem in the developing countries.

If you have bed bugs problem, then this guide will help you greatly. I will try to cover all possible bed bug bites treatment here.

Bed bugs are very tough to eradicate. They will come back again and again if you do not follow few certain methods.

After maintaining the rules then you can have worry less nights to sleep.

What Is A Bed Bug?

Bed bugs are little insects that mainly feed on the blood of sleeping animals and people at night. During the daytime, they hide in dark and dry areas.

The bites of bed bugs can be irritating but they aren’t typically a health risk. However, if you scratch them might cause infection.


Bed Bug Bites


Do Bed Bugs Bite Or Sting

Yes, bed bugs do bite or sting. They have the specialty that they can be unnoticed while feeding blood for themselves.

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Different Bed Bug Bites

It may be hard to differentiate bed bug bites because of their bite pattern is similar to other insect’s bites. However, they do have a specific pattern to feed them. They particularly bite in a zigzag pattern or in a row way.

Baby(Tiny, Small, New), Big (Large) Bed Bug Bites


After reading and researching I have found one interesting fact about bed bug bites which is we can kind of identify different bed bug bites depending on bed bug sizes. The younger or smaller bed bugs need to feed quite a few times than an adult or large size bed bug. We don’t feel anything while big or adult bed bug sucks our blood. On the contrary, the younger one does not own that special trick. That’s why sometimes we feel the painful biting experience and sometimes not.

Do All Bed Bugs Bite

Yes, all bed bugs bite but differently. Some bed bugs need to suck blood very often and some twice a week.

How Do Bed Bugs Bite You

Bed bugs bite you when you are in deep sleep. Mostly they bite in night time but also can be bitten by bed bugs during daytime if someone is sleeping without any movement. Usually, bed bugs do not bite during daylight.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Through Clothing or Under Clothes

The answer is yes, the bed bugs can bite through clothing or under clothes if they find a suitable spot to suck blood.

Where Do Bed Bug Bites

Do Bed Bugs Bite Your Scalp

I haven’t found anything that shows bed bugs bite on someone’s scalp. But there is very low percentage of chance that someone has bitten by bed bugs on their scalp. Perhaps the only reason could be our hair prevent them sucking blood. Or maybe scalp doesn’t provide that much blood easily to feed bed bugs.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Your Head


Bed bugs are not that huge fan of the human part which doesn’t let them sufficient blood. Our head is one of them. But they do bite head.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Your Face

Yes, bed bugs can bite your face. Because while you sleep your face is one of the most exposed parts of your body. As a result, bed bugs can target it very easily.

Do Bed Bug Bites On Arm/Hand

Your hand and arm can be an easy meal for bed bugs. Because at time of sleeping we normally put our hand quite exposed to bed bugs.

Do Bed Bug Bites On Legs/Feet

Definitely bed bugs bite on legs or feet. I had very very bad experience on bitten by bed bugs on my legs. It was a very painful experience. I had few sleepless nights at that time. Sometimes I feel that bed bugs are very much fond of biting human legs.


Do Bed Bugs Bite Ankles

No, they do not bite on ankles. For some weird reason, they skip that part of our body.

Do Bed Bug Bites On Back

Yes, Yes, and again Yes. The answer we all know that bed bugs do bite on our back.

Do Bed Bug Bites On Black Person


This is quite funny and weird query for bed bugs. I have searched the exact term on the internet. I have found that black people can also be bitten by bed bugs. However, the focus on the internet is the white skinned people. Please don’t get me wrong or offended. I am not here to create some racist statement. But just show facts about bed bug bites.

Do Bed Bugs Bite Everyone

As we have bitten by bed bugs in our life at some point. That way we can assume that bed bugs bite everyone regardless of age or size or color.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bug bites affect each person in a different way.

  • Few individuals have no reaction and don’t even progress bite results.
  • Maximum people catch a series of itchy bites, comparable to sand-fly or mosquito bites.
  • However, these marks might not show up for a few days after you’ve been bitten.
  • Some individuals are very sensitive to bed bugs’ saliva. This results they may develop enlarged bite marks or painful swelling.
  • People can develop quite a rare disease.
  • Such as anaphylaxis.
  • This happens in very unusual cases; people can get a severe allergic reaction termed anaphylaxis.
  • When this happens straightway you should dial 111 because this is a medical emergency.

Bed Bug Bites Treatment

For better knowledge of Bed bug bites treatment, you should read below these attentively. This guide can help you out with total bed bug problems.

What To Do For Bed Bug Bites

You may possibly find cast-off skins, live bugs, fecal stains (slight dark black or brown marks) or bed bug eggs.

Bed bugs can’t fly, nonetheless, they can crawl short distances, check other bedrooms in the house for more mental satisfaction.

As soon as you’ve located the infestation, you need to apply a pesticide to exterminate the bed bugs: ask at your supermarket or hardware store. Or instead, you can employ a pest control professional. If worried about pesticides, request about eco-friendly products.

The bites of bed bugs aren’t generally risky.

  • The best thing you can do is just escape scratching as with mosquito bites.
  • If you feel a slight sensitive reaction, have an antihistamine.
  • Dial 111 immediately, on the rare occasion of an anaphylactic reaction.

How To Treat Bed Bug Bites

To treat bed bug bites we should try established home cures to stop bed bug bites from itching. Then we can use the following methods to treat bed bug bites.

bed bug bite
  • Put on ice instantly to the bitten part to discontinue bed bug bites from itching.
  • In nonexistence of ice, apply frozen vegetable packets or cold water to the skin for a few minutes while waiting for the itchiness is reduced.
  • Providing heat is the alternative proven home remedy.
  • Numerous a victim of bed bug bites has gained relief by put on heat from a hair dryer to the bite site.
  • Otherwise, you can take a hot bath and pat dry the bitten area using a soft cloth for instant relief from inflammation and pain.
  • Toothpaste is one item that is readily accessible at home and is a within reach remedy to stop bed bug bites from itching effectively and quickly.
  • Just rub on a generous portion of the bite; the baking soda and menthol in the toothpaste aids relieve burning and itching.
  • You can Create a paste of baking soda using some water. Smear it to the skin to instantly end bed bug bites from itching.

Get Rid Of Bed Bug Bites

You can also execute bed bugs by washing with hot water and drying clothing and bedding at high heat. Though, it’s essential to find out where the real infestation is, as they often hide on walls and furniture.

If you doubt that you might have bed bugs in your room, have a good look in and around your bed. As usual bed bugs hide in dark, dry places, such as headboards, mattresses, and drapes, furniture, bed frames, and cracks in walls and floors.

Bed bugs structure defined below for your ease of discovery.

  • Grownup bed bugs are a reddish brown color.
  • They hold a unique flat oval body around 4–7 mm in length.
  • Undeveloped bed bugs look same as an adult, but they are smaller.
  • The Bed bug eggs are white in color and around 1 mm long.

Bed Bug Bites Cure

Bed bug bites do not normally involve treatment. It will be the best practice if you clean the bitten spot with soap and water. And please evade scratching so as to avoid secondary infection. Long lasting swelling, warmness, tenderness and occasionally (albeit rarely) fever may be marks of secondary infection, which should be achieved with antibiotics as suitable. Complaints of itching are far more common.

different-bed bug-bites

For how to cure bed bug bites which cause severe itching, oral antihistamines or topical steroid ointments may provide relief from itching and as a result, this way reduce the threat of infecting the bite site.

Bed Bug Bite Treatment For Humans

To treat bed bug bites first look for signs of bed bug Infestation. Bed bugs bite both humans and animals. But in this, we will only for humans.

Identifying what to search for is the first step in detecting and controlling bed bugs. Bed bugs are specialists at hiding themselves.

Their little and flattened physiques make it conceivable for them to adjust into tiny spaces. Their body width is about the width of a credit card. They are normally found hiding in pillow top tufts, around buttons and mattress seams. Deprived of treatment, the population can quickly develop and might move into cracks and crevices near the bed, similarly those discovered in the headboard and side tables.

One coolest method to recognize a bed bug infestation is by the telltale red, itchy bite signs on the face, arms, hands, neck, or any other body part while sleeping.

Yet, in some people, these bite marks may hold as long as 2 weeks to show up. So it’s vital to observe for other signs when defining if bed bugs have infested an area.

Bed Bug Bites Itch Treatment

If you hold itching problem regarding bed bugs. Then you should try these methods below.

  • You can use gummy oatmeal because it has plenty of skin benefits mainly amongst which is dismissing irritation causing from insect bites.
  • Prepare a paste of oats using little water and spread over it on the legs, feet, arms, face, and anywhere needed.
  • Use it there where bed bugs have left their painful bite results on the skin.
  • Another great remedy is aloe vera plant.
  • It’s a common plant. Can be found very easily.
  • If you own an aloe vera plant, simply cut open the leaf, extract its gel and apply it all over the skin to stop the itch.
  • If you don’t have this nearby, search someone who has this plant or buy it from the market.
  • Now, assume you are camping outdoors far away from home and you don’t have any of the above remedies to end itching quickly.
  • Don’t panic, just gather some mud and use water to make it into a paste.
  • Smear this paste to discontinue bed bug bites from itching.

How to Identify and Treat Bug Bites

Bed Bug Bites Symptoms And Treatment

At first, you have to identify the bed bug infestation then treatment.

Signs include:

You might find dark dried red blood stains on pajamas and linens.

Dried feces can be found on your bed that looks as tiny brown or black spots.

After molting the bed bugs’ shed skins can be easily found near or on your bed. Which we may call it exoskeletons.

You will discover an uncommon scent – which is kind of musty and sweet, yet aggressive smell. The bed bugs release the scent from its scent glands. Thus draws other bed bugs.

After identifying bed bugs infestation, you need to call pest control expert. They will deliver you an individualized and customized treatment strategy. They can aid you to get rid of bed bugs irrespective of your home’s structure type, age, or material.

What Can I Use For Bed Bug Bites

If you want a quick solution, then I will advise you to use over the counter medicines to stopover bed bug bites from itching.

Once they bite, their saliva blends with our blood which then discharges histamine to counter the allergic element in the saliva’s protein.

This histamine stuff is the main reason which causes the itching in the first place. Therefore, if you just take an antihistamine you can stop the itchiness very easily.

Below other effective ways also given for more comfort. This way you will know what can you use for bed bug bites.

  • Anti-histamine must be taken orally such as like Benadryl or any other antihistamine pill can do the trick.
  • This tablet can actually give immediate relief from itching.
  • Anti-itch creams can be also effective on itching problem- Benadryl spray/ cream, calamine lotion.
  • Hydrocortisone creams as well as Cortizone 10 etc can be useful to end bed bug bites from itching.
  • Another solution is rubbing alcohol.
  • Take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and use it generously all over the bites for fast relief from itching.

What Can You Do For Bed Bug Bites

You can do a lot of things. You can use these precautions. Such as like all the time check used furniture before taking it into your home. Escape purchasing second-hand mattresses, always buy new. Also, wash your second-hand clothing and bedding in hot water straightaway. Before wash look carefully if the fabric can stand it.

While traveling – either within your country or overseas – every time carefully inspect your hotel room for bed bugs in advance.

Put your bags off the floor, and before you leave check them for bed bugs. As soon as you get home, simply wash your clothes in the tolerable hot water that the fabric can handle. Paying special attention to creases, vacuum the inside and outside of your bags. Carefully empty your vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag and seal it properly.


What To Take For Bed Bug Bites

Usually there is no need for special medication for treating bed bug bites, nevertheless, you can ease pain and itching by smearing ice, soapy water or antihistamine lotion for skin. Few doctors highly mention curing bed bug bites using product which includes antihistamines.

However, how to remove bed bug bites problem totally? The answer is simple. You require eliminating all the bed bugs in your house or flat. Getting rid of these insects is a pretty tough job. It needs countless cleaning labors from you and contains inviting an insect exterminator to your home.

If it comes to governing bed bugs, you may feel you can do it yourself. But this particularly should not be anyone’s objective. Bed bugs are extremely tough to get rid of – 77% of pest experts say they are the most challenging pest to control.  As such, individuals who are unsure a bed bug infestation must turn to a skilled pest proficient with expertise in handling these pests. The pest expert will calculate the level of an infestation and also mention the finest way of treatment.  Actually, the true fact is, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that precise control of a bed bug infestation needs a knowledgeable pest management expert and suggests that victims be guided against trying to control actions themselves.

You Also Might Have Few Other Questions In Your Head

Yes, having a question is not a bad thing. On the contrary its good actually. In this way, you can gain your mental satisfaction. I am sure these question will come handy one day. So, let’s Then Read Them

If bed bugs don’t spread illness, in what way there are the incidence of people receiving MRSA as an outcome of bed bug bites?

Bed bugs do not transmit MRSA. Even though there have been rumors of individuals growing methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) contagions, for example boils or abscesses connected with bed bug bites, it turns out the bed bugs really weren’t directly at fault. Reasonably, the circumstances of MRSA infections related to bed bug bites are really an example of scratching driving towards to minor skin trauma and following indirect bacterial contagions.

In these positions, the public who are conveyers of MRSA scratch at the itchy bite spots and run a port of entry for the MRSA (which was already present on their skin) to grow in and underneath the skin and cause the passive infection. However, it can be suspects of few other bed bug indications such as red welts and itching, the bed bug cannot be held responsible for the infection.

Bed Bug Treatment

Why did Bed Bug Infestation happen?

Normally bed bugs are repeatedly fetched into households on guests’ bags or clothing. Due to the fact that bed bugs are nocturnal, it can sometimes be hard to classify an infestation and they can go undetected for a short period. The top method to know if you are infested with bed bugs is through discovering and recognizing a live bed bug.

Added clues of an infestation embrace negligible bites on the body which seem to appear all of a sudden, little dark spots on your bedding from bed bug feces, or residues of dead bed bugs and shed skins. If you have faith in that you might have an infestation, start seeing nearby furniture and beds for the nesting site of the bug infestation.

Is it a seasonal problem?

Bed bugs are energetic in both winter and summer and are not measured “seasonal” in the same sense that mosquitoes, ticks and stinging insects are. Yet, numerous people think that bed bugs to be a huge tension in the hotter seasons, though it is not the bed bugs that are more active in the summer months – the humans are.

During warmer climate we naturally travel commonly, frequently have to sound asleep in motels and hotels, using several ways of transportation, and thereby growing our risk of exposure to bed bugs. Typically, the bed bugs are year-round peril.

They feed on both human & animals blood like ticks and mosquitoes. Can bed bugs likewise pass on diseases like West Nile, malaria or Lyme disease?

If you are becoming a victim of a bed bug infestation is surely disturbing, but the community can rest relaxed learning that these pests are recognized for not able to convey any diseases. Although it is accurate that few pathogens have been spotted in and on bed bugs counting hepatitis B, and exotic organisms such as Trypanosoma cruzi (cause of Chagas Disease, infrequently originate in the US) or Wolbachia species, nothing like ticks and mosquitoes, bed bugs have not been linked with disease transmission.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

If I don’t see bed bugs does that mean I don’t have a bed bug problem?

Somehow you just haven’t found bed bugs because you can’t see them, it does not prove that they are not still there. Bed bugs are hardly ever seen in the day, out in the open or in the external area of chairs or beds. They have been labeled as champs of hide-and-seek.

So, it is not unusual to oversight the bed bugs overall. Bed bugs love to hide in the crevices and cracks allied with cushions, bed frames, mattresses and other structures, for this reason, it is very vital to stare for revealing indications of bed bugs and marks of an infestation, for example, speaks of blood and feces on furniture, linens or shed skins. And few other parts where the bugs could be hiding very easily.

At last in this article, you should have gained a decent knowledge about bed bug bites. In a nutshell all I can say that if you are certain that you’ve got bed bugs, you must discover the infestation. And then treat it using pesticide.

Numerous persons pick up bed bugs in their baggage while they’re traveling. You can likewise fetch them into your household in second-hand furniture, clothing or bedding. All described above is a good source of treatment for bed bug bites. Just be patient during fighting against bed bugs. You need to frequently keep the treatment turn on. Eventually, you will have your beloved soft bed with a satisfactory sound asleep.

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