About Us


Few hundred years ago, our mother Eaarth was nice!

Full with lash green forestry.

Since then –

Due to patriarchal indifference and anthropocentric thought of us, we have made this beautiful world less green with each passing day.


Now it’s our foremost duty to make it green once again; save the wildness and wild animal.

In this great task,

We come forward to help you with our experts on…

  • Gardening
  • Forestry
  • Plant
  • Bug and pest control
  • Pet and domestic animals

…and other living creatures around us which are important for our natural habitat and nurturing our hobby.


Why We Are Here?

Due to indiscriminate deforestation lately, people are significantly getting involved with gardening and pet animal.

There are issues of bug and pest control and domestic animals too.


We build up a team of expert on all these areas only for you.

What Our Team Has?


Our team of experts includes…

  • Agriculture specialist
  • Horticulture specialists
  • Veterinary doctor
  • Pest and bug control specialists and more on

All of them have had a great professional carrier in their personal life and came together with us due to the urge to save nature.

And how to save nature?

We decided to help you with –

  • Gardening,
  • Bugs,
  • Pets,
  • Domestic,
  • Plants and
  • Wild animals who are an integral part of nature.


We take pride to proclaim that we have Love for nature that makes us something special besides having integrity and commitment to you; our valued customers.

What We Offer


Our team of experts, having both theoretical and years of practical knowledge, pledges to offer you tips on

  • Gardening
  • Pets
  • Pest and bug control
  • Wild animals
  • Pets and plants

Some of the key features of our offers include-

Product Review

Our experts will review each and every product related to gardening, plants, pets and such as.

We only intend to review products from our fast-hand experience.

We will ensure while reviewing products –

  • Necessity: While many product review websites review almost everything, we will maintain our integrity to you and so will review exactly the products you need.
  • Budget: Money is an issue, a big issue! So, we always keep in mind. Our product review will include the most luxurious products as well as the budget-friendly, economic and low-cost yet quality products. Moreover, we will help you with availing promos, coupon codes and more on.
  • Pro’s and Con’s: Nothing is hidden! It’s absolutely fair.  Our expertise brings out every detail of the products. We aim to assist you in thick and thin and thus maintain a fair-play policy to ensure that you are getting the best reviews helping you to know every detail of the product.
  • User-Friendliness: There are tons of products in the market. But are they all user-friendly? No, not at all. So, we ensure user-friendliness of the products so that you don’t face any unnecessary implications while using them.
  • Bringing The Best: We bring you the very best available in the market. There’s no place for below-par products. Either we choose the best or we throw away the worst ones. It is because we believe that our customers, you, deserve only the best ones.


Besides reviewing products our panel of experts bring you with the necessary tips to use your products efficiently to get the best performance.

Products review,

We believe is to help you with the selection of the best products and little tips might increase your user experience greatly.

Why Choose Us


We don’t claim that we are the Einstein or Newton of product reviews.

But we take pride in our team due to their…

  • Integrity,
  • Versatility,
  • Experience, and
  • Accountability.

If these are not enough to allure you, then remember we offer you the best, only the best we have.


Why not choose the very best?


we have selected our team members from different areas of specialization only to ensure your wide range of essentiality.

Contacting Us


You might want to contact us on different issues.

We eagerly wait to hear from you to better our reviews and performance that is aim to satisfy you.

We as human- beings are responsible to take care of everything around us and thus hobby or professions like gardening, forestry, plantation, petting animals, rearing wild animals are of great use.

We bring you the product that might ease your workload in all this area.

Our team is always ready to hand you with the best products according to your budget, necessity, and user-friendliness.

If you have a query, then please contact us or email us: info@hoofia.com

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Peter Robert

Professional gardener, Author of 10+ books on gardening, plantation, and plants, Nature photographer, Ex-writer in The Daily Mirror, Product reviewer and expert in horticulture

I’m Peter Robert started a professional career as a professional horticulture after completing BSc. In Agriculture.

Later I specialized in gardening and plantation, bug and pest control and pet animals for my great interest to them. I have a professional carrier expanding nearly about 20 years.

In my long career,

I worked for several renowned gardening, plantation and pet companies.


I came directly in contact with the products related to gardening, forestry, plants, wild animals, bugs and domestic animals.


I found difficulties to use the products efficiently. It sewed a seed on tender mind if there are possibilities to get a product review so that my task is made easier.


As I grew up as an expert and started handling a wider range of products, I felt the necessity of product review even more intensively.

It ushered reading more and more to know the pros and cons of every product related to gardening and pet animals.

As I started writing for the Daily Mirror, my professional attributes along with my fast-hand experience helped the newspaper flourished homogenously.

What Am I Doing?

  • Protected Cropping: Nowadays with the rise of world temperature, protected cropping is very popular. I am a pioneer in the area.
  • Reviewing products: I have a long experience of using different gardening products. It made him a renowned product reviewer. It includes-
    • Shovels
    • Spades
    • Hoe
    • Fork
    • Rake
    • Fertilizers
    • Washing tools
    • Pet food
    • Pet Medicines
    • Bug and pest control
    • Pet toys, etc.

My expertise in these areas along with my enthusiasm for nature and gardening made me unparallel in product reviewing world.


My acute curiosity for learning new things made me even more formidable to review products as with each passing day, due to customers want new products are being invented.

With My Wife