Bed Bug Droppings, Poop, Feces (Updated)

Bed Bug Droppings

The bed bug is the common insect lives around us in our houses.

This little insect can be an invisible threat to the human being. It feeds on human blood and leaves droppings nearby.

These droppings are as disturbing as bed bugs bites.

We can find the bed bug poops behind or beneath the beddings, furniture and other hidden areas.

Identifying bed bug droppings are not so tough as I am illustrating them in this article. Click To Tweet

What is a bed bug?


The bed bug is a domestic insect life in the human residence.

It bites us like other insects do. But the difference is, bed bugs feed only human blood. They don’t use other food resources.

The scientific name of bed bug is Cimex lectularius. It belongs to the cimicid family. Click To Tweet

It’s not larger than an apple seed.

An adult bed bug can be up to:

3-7 mm in size.

It’s reddish or brownish in color.

They have a tendency to leave bloodshed took from our body on the bedsheets, along with the edges of furniture, inside walls and their cracks.



Bed Bug Poop, Feces or Droppings

What are bed bug poops, feces or droppings?

Bed bug poop is nothing but the leftover digested blood.

This small creature leaves:

The exoskeleton (feces), eggs, sometimes the larvae etc. as bed bug droppings.

A nymph bed bug requires to change its feces up to 5 times in its lifecycle.


These feces are found spread on our beds and other areas.

Bed Bug Droppings Look Like

Bed bug droppings may look like other feces left by other insects.

These feces are smooth to touch and faded in color. The poop or bloodshed are darker as they get dried after a couple of hours the bed bugs leave. These droppings are found clustered in a single place or spread on the whole bed cover.

These are quite easy to smear on the places.

This helps to stain our useful:

  • Clothing
  • Mattress
  • Drapes and
  • Other furniture

Bed Bug Feces on Mattress

Bed Bug Feces on Mattress


Bedbugs feces are mostly seen on the mattresses. This is because we humans lie on the bed and thus the bed bugs bite us frequently.

After having a full meal,

They move to their hideouts.

They leave feces, poops etc. while they move. These feces make stains on the mattresses.

While we sleep in the same bed, the feces can spread more. The droppings on the mattress can be faded red color with the pace of the time.

Bed Bug Poop on Sheets

Bed bug poops create stains on the sheets when they are crushed. And the funny thing is, we unwantedly crush their feces or poops while we are sleeping. This poops on the sheets look like rust or red spots.


We are bound to clean the bed sheets and also kill the bed bugs.

Bed Bug Feces on Wood


bed bugs don’t choose woods to crawl on.


We can find bed bug feces on woods.

In the hideouts of wooden furniture, we can see dark exoskeletons left by the bed bugs.


You will see a lot in the cracks, crevices of those wood furniture –

Chair, table, wardrobe etc. places can be full of these bed bug feces. You can easily identify them.

Not only:

The feces, you will see poop, bloodshed in the woods.

Bed Bug Feces Smear Test

Bed bug leaves feces on the spots after having its meal. It makes these places dirty with its semi-liquid black poop.

This poop gets smeared and that liquid portion creates black stains on the spots they use to feed on in general. Click To Tweet

Other insects may leave fecal spot but they won’t smear.

To have a smear test,

You can rub the fecal spot with a soft paper towel or tissue gently.

You may find this quite hard to flake off or brush away.


Bed Bug Feces Stains

Stains are always embarrassing, right? Bed bug fecal stains are also the same thing. You can’t wash them easily. These stains are caused by the blood dripped out from the anus of bed bugs.

This happens mostly when these bugs have just finished their meal or a few moments later.

These fecal stains are dark in color, can be reddish or brownish.

Bed Bug Poop What Does It Look Like

Bed bug poop on –

  • Walls
  • Mattress
  • Bed cover
  • Pillow cover etc.

All looks the same.

It’s kind of sign of bed bug infestation in your home. Bed bug poops are smaller in size but can smear and later create stains on the focal spot.

You can see these black or reddish but darker things, especially on your bedding. They can be in clustered or spread way.

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Let’s see what are some common question which relates to bed bug poop or bed bug droppings. These questions’ answer may help you to sort out the whole concept of this subject.

Question: How to bed bug poop test?
Answer: You can test bed bug poop with soft tissue or paper towel by gently rubbing the fecal spot.

Question: How big is bed bug poop?
Answer: Egg, eggshells are less than 1 mm. Other droppings are quite smaller.

Question: What color is bed bug poop?
Answer: As bed bug sucks blood from our skin, its poop becomes red or reddish at first when it’s wet. Later, this poop becomes dark brown or black after drying.

Question: What do bed bug poop look like?
Answer: Small feces, digested blood etc. are also considered as bed bug poop or droppings. These look like small balls or hunches in shape.

Question: What does bed bug poop look like on sheets?
Answer: Generally, bed bugs leave these poops or droppings at night. So, you may find them at night or early morning surely. These dark, little things will spread in a cluster or randomly.


Bed bug has become a part of our life though it is totally unwanted and disturbing insect.

They leave:

  • Eggs
  • Eggshells
  • Feces or exoskeletons
  • Digested blood etc. in our house even in our room.

We can see these droppings spread everywhere which making things dirty.

We can get stains which is tough to be washed away.

A smear test can help us to figure out the bed bug poop on the bed cover, mattress, cushions, and other bed bug hideouts.

Peter Robert

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