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generic 100PCS Numbered Sheep Ear Tags with 1 Livestock Ear Tags Applicator for Sheep Cow Cattle Dog Pig Ear Tags Numbered Plastic Animal Tag
  • Simple installation: Sheep Ear Tag Plier is very simple to install, and it provides a lot of help for your farm livestock management. Livestock Ear Tag Applicator for Cattle Sheep Pigs Cow adopts hydraulic principle, vertical pressure, integrated design, very durable and labor- saving.
  • Multiple uses: Number Plastic Livestock Ear Tag Animal Tag is an excellent choice for animal breeding populations, epidemic prevention and control, and isolation. Blank ear tags allow you to carry out unique DIY engraving.
  • Scope of application: Ear Tag Applicator for Goat Sheep Cow Cattle Ear Tag This design is suitable for small livestock or animals, such as pigs, sheep, cows, deer, dogs, etc.
  • Convenient and quick: Numbered Goat Ear Tags will not be stuck when used, flexible to use, convenient and labor- saving, less bleeding, and no bends. The ear tag pliers adopt the latest vertical retraction technology to alleviate the pain of animals.
  • Environmentally friendly ear tags: Numbered Ear Tag Pliers for Pigs Mark Applicator with Pins. The ear tags are bright in color and not easy to fade. Very suitable for information management of livestock and animals. The ear tag applicator makes ear tag placement easier and saves labor.
Gozier Livestock Animal Goat Sheep Lamb Cattle Ear Tag Tool Plier Applicator Tagging Tagger Puncher Ear Tag Caliper
  • High-quality aluminum alloy, durable paint shell never rust.
  • Anti-slip human body mechanics designed handle is comfortable to use.
  • The ear tag pliers uses thickened spring for strong springback force and durability.
  • Deep jaw makes ear tag placement easier. Automatic lock, Easy to use, Saving time and effort.
  • This ear tag plier can be used in most livestocks or animals, such as pig, sheep, goat, deer, dog, and so on.
Ear Tag - Livestock Animal Ear Tag Pliers with Spare Pin for Installing Pigs Cattle Sheep Ear Tags
  • This pliers is made of high quality steel with paint plating surface for rust and corrosion resistance, long service life
  • The operation is simple, traditional installation way, fast and convenient, easy to use
  • The ear tag pliers uses thickened spring for strong springback force and durability
  • Anti-slip human body mechanics designed handle is comfortable to use
  • Comes with a spare pin that can be used to replace damaged one
GOOG Livestock Ear Tag Applicator Animal Ear Tag Pliers Tagger for Goat/Pig/Sheep/Cow
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Used for the punch hole in the ear of livestock or animals, such as pig, sheep, goat,deer, dog, and so on.
  • Size: Length:19cm; Ear Hole Diameter: 0.9cm
  • NOTICE: The male tag with nail must be used together with female tag to ensure stability.
LMJHF Livestock Ear Tag Plier, Animal Goat Cattle Pig Ear Tagger Puncher,for Installing Pigs Cattle Sheep Ear Tags
  • Feature: Base on the lever principle, Livestock Ear Tag Plier makes ear tag placement easier, save labor, save effort and safety, reduce pain, which is soft, flexible, durable.
  • High quality: The pliers is made of high-quality alloy material with paint plating surface for rust and corrosion resistance, long service life.
  • Reduction of Pain: The ear pliers has a small aperture, the ear hole is round, and the gap is small, which reduces the pain of the animal. The livestock wound will heal quickly and heal within a few days.
  • Easy to Use: The handle of the ear tag pliers with non-slip ergonomic design is very comfortable to use, reduce hand fatigue caused by long-term operation. The operation is simple and easy to operate.
  • Best Service: If you have any questions during your shopping, please contact us by e-mail, we are wholeheartedly served you.

People are now getting concerned about animals’ rights and safety. Getting the best cattle ear tag applicator is an absolute need for maintaining animal safety.

If your job is dealing with a large number of animals then buying the best applicator will make your life easier.

Now, there are abundant numbers of cattle ear tag applicators in the market with different prices. How would you know which applicator is violence-free? It is a must to buy such kinds of applicators which will not rip off the ears of cattle.


Before you buy a cattle ear tag applicator you should check the materials and design of the applicator. User-friendly designs of the applicator will save the animals from getting hurt.

User-friendly materials

The finest quality of the material of the product makes the product durable. Before buying a cattle year tag applicator you should know what materials make an applicator user-friendly. The rust-proof property of the material ensures the longevity of the applicator.

The best applicator is one that is made up of stainless steel. It is important to buy an applicator with anti-rust property.


The manufacturing material should be lightweight. With the light-weighted applicator, you can easily carry and mark ear tags on the cattle. Marking the cattle with a heavy ear tagger is quite hard. You will not be able to manage both the cattle and the heavy applicator at the same time.

The ergonomic design of the handle

An applicator with a good design will not cause any inconvenient situations for the user. It must be designed by maintaining the comfort level of holding the applicator.

Before buying an applicator you should check whether the material used in the handle is slippery or not. A slippery handle will make you work hard. Also, animals have a higher chance of getting hurt if the applicator is slippery.

So, the user needs to search for an applicator that has anti-slip properties. It makes the ear tag applicator convenient to use.

Automatic separation after marking

The ear tag applicators that gets separated automatically after applying the ear tags are the best cattle ear tag applicator.

An applicator with a thick spring mechanism or vertical rebound technique has the auto separation function. So, such kind of applicator does not have any possibility of getting stuck on the cattle’s ears. It will automatically get separated from the ear without causing excess bleeding.

Also, applicators with springs are easy to use as the user does not have to remove the applicator by himself.

Using an applicator for ear tags

Rotating Property

Cattle are usually quiet but they sometimes might cause trouble while putting an ear tag. Too much movement of the cattle might rip their ears off. So, to prevent the applicator to rip off their ears it is important to have an applicator with rotating properties.

The pain of the ear tag is the main element that needs to be rotated. You should check whether the applicator can rotate the pin 90 degrees or not. This rotating property will make the pin flip forward if the user gets pulled apart from the animal. So, this will abolish violence towards the animals and also save your labor.

Applicator with a lock-designed system

Some applicators come with the property of locking the applicator. Having a lock system in an ear tag applicator is not important. But it becomes an important factor when you have children in your house.


Do ear tags hurt cattle?

No, applying ear tags on cattle does not hurt them at all. It might feel like a little pinch. You can relate the whole process with the ear piercing of people. The process is as same as putting earrings on people.

How to apply a cow ear tag?

Before applying an ear tag it is a must step to disinfect the applicator. You can use any kind of disinfection solution for this purpose. Then use the applicator to mark the ear tag in the middle of the left year of a cow. Also, keep in mind that the ear tag must be placed in between the two cartilage ribs of the left ear.

What do you put on cattle ear tags?

On the ear tag of a cow usually, information like birth date, ID number, sex, color, etc. are usually noted down. This information helps the farmers to differentiate their cattle from each other. ID number helps to keep a count of the total number of cattle.


Getting yourself the best cattle ear tag applicator will save the animals from getting injured. It is the quality of the applicator that will make your work easier. So, make your work easy and convenient with the best applicator in the market.

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