Pest Control Tips And Tricks That Work In 2024

You may have heard that the best way to get rid of pests in your home is never to allow them to come in in the first place. With this key counsel in mind, you may therefore wonder, how you can keep your home free from those pesky pests that want nothing more than to invade your home.

Read along with us and discover all the best pest control tips for 2024 so that you can live worry-free and pest free.

Pest Control Tips And Tricks

Close Any Entry Points

If you have the tendency to leave your doors and windows open then you may as well be welcoming all the outdoor wildlife inside. However, even if your door is closed there is still a massive gap underneath and some gaps around the sides.

Close this up with caulk and a door sweep underneath so there is no obvious point of entry. You may also want to check for similar entry points where you have utility pipes entering your home.

Add Some Screens

If you want to get some fresh air in your house that is always a good idea. However, you should make sure that all your windows are properly screened and that any dryer vents or other ventilation coming into your home is also protected in like manner.

Good airflow will help keep you free of pests but only if you have screens to prevent their entry. If you have screens but they have holes then you also need to repair them asap.

Make Home Repairs

Talking of repairs, pests will take advantage of any worn down or disintegrating parts of your home. Whether this is the walls stucco or something in the foundation or weather stripping, you should regularly have a deep inspection of your house and check for damages.

Once weak points have been identified you can issue the repairs in a timely manner and avoid giving any pest the chance to invade.

Keep The Area Clean

Cleanliness is key to keeping out infestations and unwanted visitors. Whether this means cleaning out your gutters regularly, sweeping your floors, or safely disposing of your trash, the better you can clean in and around your home, the safer your house will be.

It is important to remember that whenever something might be unappealing to a person in its lack of cleanliness, this is basically a giant sign to pests saying “Welcome Home”.

Check For Wood wear

Another thing to review in your house is the current status of all the wooden parts of your house. Wood is easier to get through than concrete or other harder materials but it is also more susceptible to the elements and wears and tear.

If you have damaged or decaying wood in your house, a rodent could easily get through it without much trouble at all. Additionally, any decaying wood even outside your house can make a lovely home for ants or termites, and other critters.

Have A Tidy Garden

Whilst most people think that pest control is just keeping pests out of your house, your garden has a great deal to do with it. Improper compost heaps, loose leaves, rotting fruit, mulch, dead plant matter and more can make for the perfect environment for many pests.

You should therefore clear away any plant matter or rubbish and keep your grass cut low. It is also important to keep any mulch away from the foundations of your home.

Avoid Stagnant Water

Last, of all, you need to clean up any areas where water gathers and sits. Stagnant water can not only be a haven for pests but can also at times become dangerous breeding sites for mosquitos and more.

Fix any water leaks, fill any puddles, and empty all water containers holding still water. This can also include the regular cleaning of birdbaths.

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