Worms In Cat Water Bowl !

Worms can be dangerous for your cat’s health whether it’s external or internal. These parasites can make your cat’s health weak and make them sick. Most people only know about internal parasites but they don’t know that parasites can be external as well.

For example,

You can witness worms in the cat water bowl.


These worms can be black, white and long, short, etc.


These worms are harmful to both humans and pets. You might see little bugs in the cat water bowl, but they are actually worms swimming inside the water pot.

Why There Are Worms In Cat’s Water Bowl?

Kittens can pick the worm eggs from their mother’s milk, or sometimes if they lick their mother’s anal gland. And the worms can go into their mouth so whenever they try to drink the water, the worms drive into the water bowl.

Sometimes your cat’s mouth can be infested with a worm and the worm can transfer into the bowl. You might see white worms in the cat bowl if your cat has white worms.

Small white worms in a cat water bowl can swim in the water and you can’t even notice it.

These worms can swim into the cat’s stomach and make your cat sick. Your cat will vomit frequently if the parasite goes inside your cat’s stomach. The black worms in the cat water bowl are very small and thin like hair or thread.

If you see these types of worms then you have to know that they are dog parasites that lodges in their intestine and can harm your cat.

Small bugs can be already present in your cat’s fur.

In that case,

the bugs in the cat water fountain will swim from the cat’s fur.

How To Get Rid Of Worms In Cat Water Bowl

Worms in the cat water bowl are an annoying thing for you and your cats. Even the worms can transfer into human bodies from the cat water bowls.

There are quite a lot of things you need to know in order to get rid of worms in cat water bowl.

Keep your eyes open and check frequently whenever you put a water bowl for your cats. Whenever you see worms in the cat water fountain, make sure you are changing the bowl as soon as possible.

Clean the bowl with detergent whenever there are bugs in cat water bowl. And make sure to deworm your cat as soon as you see any worms in the cat water bowl.

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Can cats get sick from dirty water bowls?

If your cat consumes dirty water then the bacteria will attack your cat’s immune system. That will cause your cat to fall sick and vomit constantly. Your cat might suffer from lethargy, gastrointestinal upset, septicemia, urinary tract infections, etc from the dirty water bowl.

How long can worms live in water?

Worms can absorb oxygen from the water and that causes them to survive for several weeks in the water. Then will be in the water in a drowning position and will eventually make your cat fall sick if they consume the water.


Worms in cat water bowl is a serious situation and should not be underestimated. That’s why keep your eyes open and make sure to check frequently if your cat’s water bowl is cleaned or not.

Whenever you see the signs of small bugs in the cat water fountain, take steps and make sure to get rid of them.

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