What Is The Best Way To Prevent Pest Infestation?

Many people keep asking about the way to keep their home and residence free from pests? They also look for effective ways to prevent pest infestation.


More often or not, they bit around the bush and failed to protect their homes from pests due to many reasons.

It happens mainly because they focus on one or two sides to prevent pest infestations, whereas it requires an integrated effort.


Instead of looking for what is the best way to avoid pest infestation, it is advisable that you should go for well-constructed and neatly combined ways to keep pests at bay.

Best ways to prevent pest infestation

Below is the list of our picks on the most effective methods for preventing pest infestations at home and the workplace.


Regular cleaning is the most natural solution

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Whether it is a cockroach, German roach, ant, bedbug, or rodent, all pests love to make their nest in unhygienic, dirty, and dark places. Therefore, the most convenient way to keep your home free from pests is to clean the house regularly.

Cockroaches and ants are almost promptly attracted to drinks or food crams that fall on the floor. Thus, these pests make their nest or colony often near your kitchen and keep feeding on your wastages.

So, if you want to keep these pests away, you should regularly do some cleaning activities that include vacuum cleaning, mopping, and sweeping.

Blocking entry points: Keep pests outside

Pests enter homes and workplaces through small cracks, crevices, and holes. They don’t need a large aperture or crack to set their footprint in your home since the tiniest crack or hole will do for them. It is because they can squeeze through the smallest crevices even.

A recent result showed that a hole or crack of less than 1-inch is enough for ants, cockroaches, or rodents to intrude into your home. Therefore, carefully examine your home floor and corners of the wall to find any possible entry points and seal them. You may use caulk to seal these entry points.

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Proper and safe food storage

We have already mentioned that food crumbs or drinks falling on the floor attracts pests almost promptly. So, the kitchen is the primary source of such food, ants, and cockroaches often take shelter nearby or in your kitchen for easy availability of food.


We recommend you store your food, especially sweets and drinks in a safe place where the pest can’t trace them. Using airtight containers is an excellent way to prevent pests from attacking your food. Furthermore, airtight containers prevent food smells from spreading which also negates the chance of pest approaching your food.

Manage your waste timely and properly

Proper and timely management of your wastes is a must to keep pests away from home and the workplace. Since rats, flies, and cockroaches are easily attracted to garbage, make sure that you store and later, put away the trash appropriately.

We would recommend you invest some money in a well-designed trash bin that comes with a lid cap. It will be helpful to prevent the rubbish odor from spreading far and wide and inviting pests for a feast. Moreover, a good quality bin will ensure that it negates any accidental leakage in case of toppling over and spreading the waste to increase your workload.

A good lid will also prevent the pests from entering into the bin to search for their food source. Lastly, put away the garbage regularly in the nearest garbage area and disallow the garbage to stay overnight at your home.

In this way, you can manage your waste properly to keep the pests at bay.

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Clean your bedding: Deprive pests of hiding places

Most pests such as cockroaches and bedbugs hid in a cool and dry place during the hot summer days and even in the winter seasons. Uncleaned bedding provides them with such ideal hiding places.

Therefore, you should wash the bed sheets and pillow covers at a regular interval. It will not only prevent pests but also will increase the appearance of your room. You need to wash beddings at about 110-120 degrees temperature to kill the bedbugs effectively.

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Last Words

Preventing pest infestation doesn’t require a lot of rules and regulations to follow. The aforementioned works will surely prevent pest infestation and keep your home a clean and hygienic place. However, you should be committed to monitor and maintain these tips so that you get a pest-free environment around you.

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