3+ Best Stinger Insect Zapper Reviews (Buying Guide)

Comparison of top rated best-branded stinger insect zapper review in the market for sale:

Stinger UVB45 40 Watt 1-Acre Ultra Bug Zapper
Stinger, 20 x 7.75 x 9.75 inches, 6 oz, Small Area, 0.5 Acrc.
Best quality in big-budget.
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Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System Insect Zapper
Stinger, 9.8 x 7.8 x 19.6 inches, 4.2 oz, outdoor, 1.5 Acre.
Under budget with best quality.
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Stinger Outdoor Insect Killer
Stinger, 9.8 x 7.8 x 19.6 inches, 4.2 oz, outdoor, 1 - 0.5 Acrc
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Stinger Flat Panel ZapperStinger Flat Panel Zapper
Stinger,10.7 x 4.7 x 12.1 inches, 2.6 oz, small area, 0.5 Acrc.
Best in extra cheap.
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If you want to protect yourself and your family from the bites of flying insects then you should buy a stinger bug zapper. It is highly effective and affordable. Based on scientific testing, the manufacturers have come up with this amazing product that provides great coverage and kills flying insects instantly.

Powerful killing grids are used to get rid of the insects right away. The transformer technology gives strong zapping that helps to kill insects effectively. Most of the stinger insect zappers today have Energy Smart setting that helps to save your electricity bills as well as money. The sensor is also available in some models that let the zapper to automatically turn on at dusk and switch off at dawn.

Top Rated 10 Branded Quality Best Stinger Insect Zapper – Updated List

Stinger is one of the best manufacturers of bug zappers and the product is made to make you comfortable both outdoors and indoors during summer and other seasons. You no longer have to worry about the irritating flying insects spoiling your good times. The top stinger bug zappers of this year are discussed below so that you can choose the best one for yourself.

1. Stinger UVB45 – Best Quality Stinger Bug Zapper Review – Best Quality in Big-Budget

This product we consider that the most popular & the best stinger insect zapper in this year. The Stinger UVB45 bug zapper uses 40W black light bulb that significantly increases the catch compared to the ultraviolet white light bulbs. So, you will be able to attract and kill more insects than before. Octenol helps to attract the insects. There is a sundown sensor the switches off the zapper during the daytime. So, no energy will be wasted when there is no insect around. The device is safe to be used even when there are children or pets in the house.

Features of Stinger UVB45

  • A 40W black ultraviolet light that attracts about 40% more insects than other light bulbs.
  • It covers an area of a ½ acre.
  • Excellent design that can easily complement your home décor.
  • An indicator switch is present that tells whether the bug zapper is in the working mode or shut down mode.
  • As it uses the latest technology and is well built, it requires very low maintenance.
  • It doesn’t produce much noise, so you won’t be irritated by its sound like the other bug zappers.


  • More mosquitoes and other insects get attracted to the bug zapper due to it’s 40W black ultraviolet light.
  • The device is not noisy, so you won’t feel disturbed when it operates.
  • Sundown sensor available that saves energy as the bug zapper automatically switches off in the morning when there is no insect around.
  • Best quality in big-budget.


  • The device may become less effective with overuse.
  • The device is not completely noiseless; you can still hear a faint sound.

The Stinger UVB45 is one of the best bug zappers you can get at an affordable price. You will be able to get a bug free environment using this bug zapper.

2. Stinger BK310 – Awesome 3 in 1 Stinger Insect Zapper Review – Under Budget with Best Quality

Summer weather means going out and enjoying some outdoor activities. But your fun may be hampered due to mosquitoes and other flying insects. These insects are very annoying and can cause dreadful diseases as well. Stinger has come up with some awesome products that will make your life enjoyable and peaceful. The Stinger 3-in-1 insect zapper has been scientifically tested and is guaranteed to provide outstanding results.

Features of Stinger BK310

  • The coverage area of this insect zapper is about 1.5 acres.
  • UV black light is used to attract insects and this light is 40% more effective compared to the UV white light.
  • Insects get killed instantly with the 5,500 volts zapping power.
  • With the help of energy smart sundown, you will be able to save your electric bills. The device will automatically switch on when in use and switch off when not in use.
  • There is a 24/7 mode available as well which allows you to operate in throughout the day and night.


  • The EnergySmart settings let the zapper switch on at dusk and off at dawn. So, you save a lot of money on your electric bills. Even if you operate it 24/7, you won’t have to worry about your bills.
  • You can easily operate it and even replace the bulb when necessary.
  • The zapper has clog-resistant killing grids that reduce the clogging. So, the performance of the zapper is not compromised due to clogging.
  • There is an outer enclosure that provides safety against electric shocks. So, the device is safe to be used even when there are children or pets in the house.
  • Cleaning the zapper is very easy.
  • Under budget with best quality.


  • The insect attracting area is small, so not many insects will be trapped at a time.
  • The zapper should be kept away from rain; otherwise, it’s performance might deteriorate.

You should buy this model of Stinger insect zapper if you don’t want to spoil your summer picnics and barbecues. You can make the most of your summer holidays by having this bug zapper with you all the time.

3. Stinger BK300 – Best Outdoor Insect Killer Review

The new BK300 Bug Zapper features black UV lights that effectively attract up to 40% more annoying flying insects than white UV light. It features 24/7 operation and has been scientifically proven effective for yards up to 1 ½ acres.

Features of Stinger BK300

  • The device is designed in such a way that it is clog resistant and waterproof.
  • It uses 24W ultraviolet black light that is energy efficient and very effective in attracting insects.
  • EnergySmart Sundown Sensor allows automatic ON and OFF for 24/7.
  • Easy installation, so very less time is needed to set up.
  • The package includes a nylon cord, mosquito Octenol lure, and replacement bulb.


  • The Stinger insect killer is ideal for outdoor use. There is an extended cord that lets you set it up anywhere.
  • The ultraviolet light is highly effective in getting rid of the insects.
  • You will be able to save a lot on your electric bills.
  • There is an outer enclosure that provides safety against electric shocks. So, the device is safe to be used even when there are children or pets in the house.


  • The device must be kept away from children; otherwise, they might get electric shocks if they come into contact.
  • This model of Stinger insect zapper is not completely noiseless. You will still be able to hear the zapping sound.

As this device covers a wider area, you can easily take it with you when you go out for camping or picnic. The long cord will let you hang it from trees. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor activities if you have one of this device with you.

4. Stinger FP15 CR – Best For Small Area Coverage Review – Best in Extra Cheap

Stinger FP15 CR Best For Small Area Coverage Review Best in Extra Cheap

The flat panel insect zapper is slim and compact. You can easily carry it around. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. The device is waterproof, so you can take it out in any weather condition.

Features of Stinger FP15 CR

  • Highly effective ultraviolet technology is used to attract insects.
  • 15W UV light is used, so you won’t have to worry about your energy usage.
  • The flat design of the zapper increases the kill area by 50%. It also reduces clogging.
  • The device is lightweight and compact so you can carry it on the go.


  • You can kill different types of flying bugs with this zapper including mosquitoes, moths, beetles, etc.
  • You can carry it around comfortably because of its compact size.
  • The flat panel allows more insects to be caught at a time.
  • It covers a wide area.
  • Best in extra cheap.


  • The zapper may not function at it’s best in high bug population areas.
  • You can hear a zapping sound which can be irritating at times.

The Stinger ½ acre flat panel bug zapper is highly recommended for its compact size. Unlike other zappers, the flat panel is able to attract more insects. If you are bothered about other insects besides mosquitoes, then you should buy this bug zapper.

Stinger Insect Zapper Great Results Kills Bugs Dead

Stinger is one of the top brands available for electronic insect control today. The manufacturers undergo rigorous scientific field testing before designing the product. The device provides wide coverage and is very effective for insect killing. Summer season is great for spending hours outside doing fun activities. But summer is also the season when you will be attacked by all sorts of flying insects making your life miserable.

stinger insect zapper review

If you buy a stinger bug zapper, you will be able to control the population of these insects and spend some great times outside with your family and friends. Stinger bug zappers are of high quality and they will last for a long time. You will be able to hang it or place it anywhere and enjoy great evenings without getting any painful insect bites. Purchase a stinger zapper today and make most out of your summer vacation. If you like this best stinger insect zapper review post, then share and spread out with your colleges.

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