How Far Do Mosquitoes Travel From Their Nest?

Mosquito is the normal skin biting insect to us. They are tiny in size but stronger with their stings. Blood from domestic animal and human being is their favorite food.

How Far Do Mosquitoes Travel From Their Nest

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To feed on and regenerate, mosquitos must fly to the areas where they can find blood. The warmth or temperature, smell, the CO2 emitted from the human body is the reason for the insect to fly even it is far from their nest.

If you enter a forest, you will also have the bites of mosquitoes due to this reason. So, how far do mosquitoes travel from their nest?

Well. This tiny insect has strong wings which can lead it to fly at 1-1.5 mph. Depending on the speed, the distance they travel from their nest is a different range.

The Asian tiger mosquito travels 300 feet on average from their nests. The other types can travel in between 1-3 miles. Large pool breeders can travel up to 7 miles. The saltmarsh breeder flies more than 80 miles (20-40 miles at least).

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As they are small, they can easily move to their destination. The distance of travel depends on how far their host resides. Generally, they try to stay closer to human society.

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