5+ The Best Butterfly Net Reviews of 2024

The online store provides a large number of insect and butterfly nets entomologists alike including insect nets, Lepidoptera nets, aerial nets, sweep nets, professional nets, student nets, children’s nets, insect cages, replacement handles, hoops, and insect net bags. Table for the best butterfly net:

The best butterfly nets are used by both amateur and professional entomologists to study butterflies in the field. Made from very soft material, they are suitable for catching flying insects and will not cause damage to delicate wings. The fine fabric is not suitable for being swept through vegetation, however, and a sweep net should be employed for this purpose.

Here is the list of the best butterfly nets to suit every purpose and budget. These include standard and economy nets, spring-frame nets, and telescopic folding nets.


List of The Best Butterfly Net Reviews

RESTCLOUD Insect and Butterfly Net with 12" Ring, 24" Net Depth, Handle Extends to 59 Inches for Adults and Kids (12" Ring, 59" Handle)
  • Outer diameter approximately to 12" net ring for collection, 24" net depth, 2mm net hole for avoiding butterflies and insects flying out.
  • Upgraded Telescopic handle is lockable, righty tighty lefty loosey, stay extended and won’t twists while being used.  Handle extends from 15" to 59", perfect for kids, adults and beginning collectors.
  • Nets for insect specimen capture, fit to capture different butterfly, dragonfly, bat, fish, bird, bee and other bugs.
  • Professional bug catching net is much more durable than others.
  • Easy to carry, easy storage. Quick assembly.
Skrtuan Kids Telescopic Butterfly Fishing Nets Great for Catching Insect Net Perfect Outdoor Tools for Catching Bugs Fish Insect Ladybird, Extendable 34 Inches and Anti Slip Grip (3 Pack)
  • ★Combination of butterfly nets: Includes 3 colorful(blue,green and orange ) telescopic butterfly nets for fit kids to capture different butterfly, dragonfly, bat, fish and other bugs. Enjoy outdoor green exploration fun.
  • ★Retractable design: Telescopic handle extends from 14.5" to 33.8", Easy to carry. Perfect for kids .
  • ★Material: Durable Stainless Steel telescoping pole and nylon net, not easily broken and rust, can be used for long time. Easy storage.
  • ★Anti-slip grip: Rubber of Material feel very sturdy and comfortable when grab in hand, effectively help you catch and release butterflies
  • ★Telescopic Butterfly Nets, One of the greatest outdoor activity supplies for kids. Perfect for outdoor green exploration and science class field practice. Happy toy gift. 100% Satisfactory After-sale Service,We provides 100% satisfactory after-sale service.
#1 M-jump 3 Pack Colored Telescopic Butterfly Nets - Great for Catching Insects Bugs Fishing - Outdoor Toy for Kids Playing - Extendable from 6.8" to 34"...
  • Set of 3 Telescopic Toy Nets for Outdoor Exploration Fun and Games. Color: Orange,Blue,Green
  • The handle of the telescopic rod can extend from 6.8 inches to 34 inches
  • The butterfly net is made of high-quality stainless steel, durable and flexible; the handle, sleeve and net are made of rubber, soft and comfortable for you to hold
  • Suitable for outdoor activities, such as catching small fishes butterflies and other insects, appropriate for people of all ages
  • 100% Satisfactory After-sale Service,We provides 100% satisfactory after-sale service
Uncle Milton Butterfly Farm Live Habitat - Observe Butterfly Lifecycle in Garden – Includes Voucher to Redeem for Caterpillars
  • Observe butterflies – watch the magical transformation of caterpillars into real live butterflies!
  • Insect learning – Know a kid (or big kid?) who's curious about all things bug-related? This is the perfect kit to get them up close and personal with nature
  • Custom habitat – build and decorate your very own butterfly habitat
  • Stem learning – the included learning poster teaches all about the 4 stages of metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa, and adult!
  • Live caterpillars: inside your box, you will find a Voucher to order live caterpillars from Uncle Milton (a shipping & handling fee will be charged). Please note that we make every effort to ship your butterflies to arrive within 1-2 weeks. However, bad weather can severely harm your live creatures during their journey to your home. For this reason we may restrict shipping at certain times of the year due to unsafe weather conditions.
RESTCLOUD Butterfly Net with 16" Ring, 36" Net Depth, Handle Extends to 36 Inches (16" Ring, 36" Handle)
  • The outer diameter approximately to 16" net ring for collection, 36" net depth for avoiding butterflies flying out.
  • Telescopic handle extends from 17" to 36", Perfect for adults.
  • Nets for insect specimen capture, fit to capture different butterfly, dragonfly, bat, fish and other bugs.
  • Professional bat net is much more durable than others.
  • Easy to carry, easy storage. Quick assembly.
Trasfit Insect and Butterfly Net with 12" Ring, Fishing Net Handle Extends to 59 Inches for Adults & Kids
  • Professional bug catching net: 12" net ring for collection, 20" net depth for avoiding butterflies flying out
  • Telescopic handle extends from 15" to 59", perfect for kids, adults and beginning collectors
  • Quality material: mesh net is made of high quality aluminium alloy and polyester: lightweight and easy to carry out, and telescoping stainless steel handle
  • Easy to carry, easy storage. Quick assembly, Anti sliphandle grip made.
  • Wide application: This extendable catching net is great for different butterfly, dragonfly, bat, fish and other bugs. and anything else that catches your eye, Nets for insect specimen capture
RESTCLOUD 36" Large Monarch Butterfly Habitat, Giant Collapsible Insect Mesh Cage Terrarium Pop-up 24 x 24 x 36 Inches
  • Professional Version: Monarch butterfly habitat is more square, sits straight, does not rock or move, Polyester Bottom for Easier Clean. Includes a quick start guide manual to raise butterflies.
  • Clear vinyl window panel for students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Monarch, Painted Lady or Black Swallowtail Butterflies.
  • Collapsible design for easy storage and reusable, the unfolded measures: 24 x 24 x 36 inches. Tall and wide, can hold large 4 of 3 feet tall milkweed plants. Raise up to 40 caterpillars at a time in one enclosure. The wings of a new butterfly are not risk of breaking when trying to stir up.
  • Mesh panels for good airflow. Fine mesh enclosure is soft and breathable, so you know your caterpillars will be safe and comfortable for the duration of their stay.
  • Side opening door - never interrupt chrysalises on the cage roof. Large zipper opening for easy feed your butterflies, then release them into the wild. Butterflies will often land on little hands and faces before flying away.

Buying Guide for The Best Butterfly Net

Butterflying is a great activity for kids in the late spring or early summer. To catch your butterflies you need to purchase the best butterfly net.

Now if you don’t know the buying guide of the best butterfly net, then we are here to give you some tips.  Keep reading the article to know in-depth about butterfly net.

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Do not go for toys

Most of you would give your children a toy net to catch butterflies. The toy net can hurt the butterflies which we do not want.

That’s why do not go for a toy net to catch butterflies. You can go to the store and buy a real butterfly net to avoid cheap quality. The factory makes the butterfly nets especially for butterflies to catch. But toy nets can kill the butterfly. Also, toy butterfly nets are of cheap quality.

That’s why make sure you’re getting authentic butterfly nets from the shop.

The quality of the net

The most important thing about the butterfly net is the actual net. If the net is not good enough to catch a butterfly, it won’t last long.

Make sure the net you’re getting is strong and lasts long. Most of the net tears apart before you use it too frequently. So make sure you’re getting the best quality net of all time.

Check the net before purchasing the butterfly net. You don’t want to change the butterfly net again and again. Also, it will cost more than the actual butterfly net, if you exchange the net.

Check the Brand Value

Brand value is important whether you’re buying a butterfly net or something else. Check if the brand is providing good quality products.

You must make sure you’re getting what you’re paying for. That’s why checking the brand value is important. Most of the brand produces good quality butterfly net for everyone. That’s why do some research and get the butterfly net from a good brand.

Product reliability

Make sure your butterfly net is durable enough. A butterfly net can go up to 2-3 years if it’s durable. Your butterfly net has to be durable to tackle the temperature of summer.

Sometimes the children can stick the net with the tree, if your butterfly net is not durable then you might lose it. Also, kids are not very careful with what they have in their hands. Make sure to get a good quality butterfly net so that your kids can’t ruin it.

That’s why durability is a must when you’re buying a butterfly net for your kids.


Although it is just a butterfly net, you still need to check the specifications of the product.

You must check all the specifications of the butterfly net from the store to avoid scamming. Make sure the net and the handle are at the right height to catch the butterflies. You must check if you can catch other bugs with the butterfly net.


Do not forget about the budget when you’re getting a butterfly net. Butterfly nets are not that expensive.

We won’t let you get fooled by the brand name when it comes to budget. Surely a good brand will give you the best product but it doesn’t have to be too expensive. You don’t have to make a hole in your money bag to get a butterfly net.

A good butterfly net will not cost more than 50$. That’s why do not go for too expensive butterfly net.


There is not much information about butterfly nets on the internet. That’s why most of the folks get confused about butterfly Nets. To eliminate your confusion, we have bought you FAQs about the best butterfly nets.

Do butterfly nets work?

Butterfly nets work as long as you’re catching the butterfly with care. Some folks don’t have the knowledge of how to catch a butterfly with a net. They may harm the insect without knowing the actual procedure of catching the butterfly.

How To Make a Butterfly Net DIY

Are butterfly nets safe?

In some areas, you may need a permit to keep a butterfly net. Other than that, butterfly nets are safe. You must catch the butterfly gently without damaging the insect. Make sure the butterfly is safe after you catch it with the net.

How big is a butterfly net?

The outer diameter of the butterfly net is usually a 14″ net ring. If you want to avoid the butterfly getting out then get a 32″ net ring.

Is butterfly collecting illegal?

Collecting butterflies is not illegal. You can catch a butterfly unless it gets harmed. Make sure to catch the butterfly gently and let it go afterward.


Butterflies are a beautiful creature that is helping our environment. You must let go the butterfly after catching it.

The best butterfly net will help you to catch the beautiful butterflies this late spring. We hope you get this article informative.

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