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List of The Best Broadleaf Herbicide For Pastures Reviews

ALLIGARE 2,4 D Amine Herbicide 2.5 Gallon- Broadleaf Weed Killer
  • 2,4-D Amine 46.8%
  • Alligare 2 4-D herbicide can be used in pastures, forests, lawns, industrial sites, and aquatic sites.
  • Mix 1-2 ounces of 2 4-D Amine per gallon of water.
Weedar 64 Broadleaf Herbicide 5 Gallons (2 x 2.5gal)
  • Broadleaf Herbicide
  • 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer
  • 46.8% 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, dimethylamine salt
  • 5 Gallons = (2) 2.5 gallon jugs
Remedy Ultra Specialty Herbicide Weed Killer & Brush Control At Rangeland, Pasture and Fence Lines, Triclopyr Concentrated, Use Alone Or Tank Mix With GrazonNext/ForeFront HL Herbicide, 1 Gallon
  • Flexible, long-lasting, ideal for pasture restoration, encroaching brush, maintaining fence rows and general brush control.
  • Controls more than 35 brush species, as well as many important broadleaf weeds.
  • Low-odor. Works on the entire plant roots and top growth.
  • Safe to use around children and pets when applied according to the product label.
  • Always wear a proper protective equipment when mixing and when applying. Do not enter treated areas for at least 12 hours.

Weed grows all the year, and it is annoying to kill the weeds for pastures.

Weeds make an appearance every year again and again and we have to face a lot of issues throughout the year.

Everyone is low-key tired of taking weeds out and the best broadleaf herbicide for pastures is here to get you out of this problem.

When it’s time to herbicide the broadleaf, you need a top-notch solution for this. But everyone doesn’t have knowledge of broadleaf herbicide.

That’s why our buying guide will help you get the best broadleaf herbicide facing no problems.

Active Ingredients

You have to see very carefully if your weed killer includes active ingredients or not. Carefully check if they have given any disclaimer in the ingredient list or the package.

You have to make sure your weed killer’s ingredients are safe for humans and pets and then you can add to this in your cart.


You have to make sure they added some of the most important ingredients to your broadleaf herbicide.

  • AMINOPYRALID is a well-known broadleaf herbicide to kill the weeds for pastures. The picolinic acids of the herbicide class contain clopyralid, picloram, and some less popular herbicides.
  • Another weed killer, that is also known as triclopyr, is used to manage woody plants and broadleaf weeds. You can apply this broadleaf herbicide in agriculture fields, plantations, grassland, and permanent grass pastures. This broadleaf herbicide hoards the meristematic tissue of the plant and helps to prevent them from growing further.

These types of major ingredients will help the weed not grow frequently.

That’s why you need to check the ingredient list of broadleaf herbicides to make sure the active ingredients are included.

Best Broadleaf Herbicide For Pastures

The Right Time For Application

Applying the broadleaf herbicide at the wrong time won’t help to kill the weed. You have to check the age of the weeds before applying the broadleaf herbicide.

The chemicals of herbicide work well when the weeds are small and at a young age. Make sure to note down the level of development of the weeds before you apply the broadleaf herbicide.


The weeds get mature, then the potency of the herbicide doesn’t work. The herbicides can work in the long term if the weeds are mature and old.

In the fall season (October to November)

  • The weeds such as buttercup
  • Biannual thistles
  • Poisonous hemlock starts to appear

This is the right time to apply broadleaf herbicide because the weeds just started to appear and they are still small.

You can also apply the herbicide in the early spring (March to April). 

The annual summer weeds are

  • Common ragweed
  • Cocklebur
  • Spiny amaranth start to appear in early summer like June


Make sure to treat the after winter and early summer.

Some perennial broadleaf weeds are

  • Tall iron weeds
  • Curly dock
  • Canada thistle

Need to be treated in early summertime (August to early September).


You perform the herbicide treatment in mid-summer with annual weeds then the herbicide will work wonders on them.

Make sure you have the knowledge of types of broadleaf so that you can apply the herbicide at the right time.

The Quantity

Applying the right volume or quantity will determine the prevention of the weeds. You have to be careful while using the right tool to apply the broadleaf to the weed.

You have to create bigger droplets and to do that you need bigger spray tips for spraying. 15 or more gallons of freshwater needs to be handled per acre of area.

You can increase the spray intensity to reach higher spray concentrations. The higher spray concentration will result in finer droplets reaching every corner of the grass field.

Make sure to read the description and take the right quantity of the herbicide to get rid of all weeds from the field.


Do not spray the herbicide during the hot season to avoid the risk of the pastures. You can spray when the plants are growing but they are still small.

Make sure to use 4 quarts per acre of spray, or you can apply 2 ounces per one gallon of spot spray. Target the delicate plants that are still growing vigorously.

Do not target the non-weed plants


They will be destroyed if they come in contact with the herbicide. You have to be very cautious while applying the herbicide and make sure non-targeted plants are safe.


What is the best pasture spray?

If the cause of the problem is woody plants, then spike, Gordon, remedy, surmount, pasturgard will be the best option for you. But you can also use herbicide on grassland as well.

When should I spray my pasture weeds?

3-6 weeks after sowing is the best time to spray herbicide on your weeds in the new pasture. The weed has to be 70% ground covered while you’re about to spray herbicide.


Before investing in a new herbicide for pasture, make sure you’re reading the best broadleaf herbicide for the pasture buying guide.

This article will be helpful to you by keeping you on the right track. Some products can be expensive so make sure you’re researching enough before buying broadleaf herbicide for pasture.

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