Cat Is The Best Natural Mouse Deterrent, Traps, Poison (Updated)

Who would have thought that cats would be considered the best mouse repellent?

I mean,

There’s not a lot of faults here:

You have an animal which humans have as pets and these animals are hunters. Just take a look at them in the wild;

  1. Lions
  2. Tigers
  3. Leopards…

All of these kitties are fully-fledged murder machines. And, even though your kitty at home might not be a murder machine (except when you attempt to pet it and get thousands of cuts on your body),


It’s still quite effective at keeping rodents away.

In addition, cats aren’t just great at repelling mice – they’re great at keeping rats away too.

In any case,

We recommend getting a cat instead of purchasing traps and stuff. You might have a bit more work to do around the cat and provide good living conditions, but at least you won’t be placing traps all the time and losing money on them.
Now, let’s take a look at why these domesticated murder kittens are an obvious choice when it comes to deterring mice.


Why Should You Get a Cat?

In all honesty, owning a cat might be a bit more expensive than constantly purchasing traps for the mice.


Unless you opt for the exterminators which cost too much money.

Anyway, if you’re ready to have a pet that doesn’t require too much of your time, then get yourself a cat.

Cats don’t need any special instructions on what to do; they’ll snuff out the mice all by themselves and will probably bring one or two home as a gift (you wouldn’t believe how many cats actually do this and surprise their owners with dead mice gifts. Weird, eh?).

On top of that, all you have to do is keep the cat safe by providing it with a good home, care, and food.

The happier your cat is, the more effective it’ll be at catching mice.


Why would you use poison if you have a cat?

hungry cat

Don’t Use Poison

So, we mentioned that poison is bad,

But why?

For starters, using poison when you have a pet such as a cat is redundant. It won’t work nearly as good as it should and there’s a pretty good chance your cat might get sick or worse (the same goes for you and your family members).

Poison is also half-effective:

Sometimes it might work whilst other times it just doesn’t. It all depends on the outside factors as well as how large your infestation is.

But, when you own a cat, you don’t have to worry about any of those


The cat will do its job and slowly start lowering the mice population in your home.

Final Thoughts

You can easily find even more information about this topic just by looking through the various sources online, but all you need to know is that the positives associated with owning a cat (and ‘using’ it as a mouse deterrent) outweigh the negatives.

You won’t spend a lot, you won’t have to work a lot – the cat will do everything for you and it’ll be happy.

Win/Win for everyone!

Source: HSI

Peter Robert

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