Dog Grooming Tips For 2023

Whether you are wanting to keep your dog healthy and comfortable or looking absolutely stunning, it is extremely important to give your beloved pet regular grooming. In fact, there are 7 key things that you need to keep in mind when grooming your dog.

Join us as we unravel the top dog grooming tips for 2023 so that you can have a happy pet who looks absolutely fabulous.

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Dog Grooming

Brush Their Coat Regularly

To have healthy skin and a healthy coat, most dogs require that you regularly brush their coat. This will stop the hair from getting matted or tangled and distribute the natural oils around their body keeping their coat shiny and in good standing.

Be gentle but thorough and this will allow all follow-up washing and grooming to go a lot smoother.

Clean Their Teeth

Yes, not only humans need to clean their teeth. Dogs too require frequent brushing of their teeth. The ideal frequency would be daily but many have reaped good results with a bushing done two to three times a week.

Make sure you use dog-approved toothpaste as they can’t spit it out as we would and normal toothpaste is not suitable for dogs. You may also use a canine toothbrush or a child’s toothbrush so it is not too hard on their gums. 

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Trim Their Growing Nails

Every dog is different when it comes to the speed at which its nails grow. Therefore you need to examine your pet to see if they are going to need a trim every couple of weeks or if you can wait several months.

Often just the tips of the nails need to be trimmed in order to avoid causing the dog any pain or discomfort. If you have regular trips to your groomer they can likely include this for you.

Get Inside The Ears

Some less experienced groomers trim all the hair around the ears and clean the ears themselves but miss the very important areas that are actually inside the ears. This is a big mistake. Indeed, most dogs require that the inside of their ears get cleaned every month.

This prevents infection, as you clean out the build-up of bacteria and wax that make their home inside the ears. You are best to get a specifically designed dog ear cleaner but if you do not have one there are some other methods that can work though you should always be careful in this sensitive area.

Give Them A Thorough Wash

Lastly, we come to the big clean. If you have a wrinkly-skinned dog like a Sharpei or English Bulldog, you may need to clean in between the wrinkles on their face where bacteria likes to lay in wait. All the folds of the skin need to be kept clean and dry to prevent dermatitis and other skin issues.

Some people do not like to go near the eyes but this is also essential. Remove gunk from around the eyelids and if it is difficult to remove you may use a warm washcloth. Tear stains from these discharges can also be cleaned up with special dog-approved solutions.

Next, you have the full body wash. This is what is going to keep your beloved pooch smelling great and looking fantastic. However, if you find your dog quickly regaining a foul odor you may consider using dog wipes once they have been outside or a vet-approved dog scent that can be applied when the dog is dry.

Have A Great Grooming In 2023!

Now you know all the main tips for keeping your dog clean, healthy, and looking great, you can go ahead and give your pup the attention they deserve. You may wish to even set up a calendar so that you remember when the last time was that they got everything done and when each item of this list needs to be attended to for your dog.

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