Bed Bugs Rash, Symptoms, Treatment (Edited)


When you are getting bites from the bed bugs while you are sleeping, there’s a possible chance to have rashes on the skin.

Bed bugs insert their saliva, biting with their beak and suck human blood. This saliva creates skin rashes and other skin problems.

In this article, I am going illustrate the signs or symptoms of bed bugs rash and the ways you can treat them.

It would be better if I introduce you the definition of bed bugs.The bed bug is a small insect living in our house, hotel rooms, hospital etc.

places. The scientific name of this insect is Cimex lectularius. They are red or brownish in color and small, flat, oval-shaped in size.

A bed bug can be 3-7 mm in size like a seed of an apple. They live in human shelters and fulfill their feeding on human blood. They leave anesthetic and anticoagulant in our body. We get itch, blister, rash on our body especially where we keep exposed during sleeping.

Now I am digging to the main topic of the article. Let’s talk about the nature or primer of bed bugs rash, then I’ll move to the next topics.

Starter of Bed Bugs Rash

human body Bed Bugs Rash

Bed Bugs Rash Description

Bed bugs bite on our skin and make the skin condition changed which is not satisfactory at all. This turns to reddish and itchy spots in a group or in a line. The itchiness of the rashes depends on human’s skin sensitivity towards bed bug bites. Sometimes you may get rashes within a couple of hours and sometimes after one or two days. A rash can stay on our skin up to 10 days.

The center of bed bugs rashes is white surrounded by red color. If you have too much sensitivity of itchiness, then you can get blisters or sore due to those rashes after scratching them repeatedly. After all, bed bug bites rash is a matter of disturbance in our regular healthy life.

Bed Bugs Rash Contagious

The answer can be given in two ways: positive and negative. In one sense, bed bugs rash is not contagious. That means if you have rashes on your skin those can’t transmit to your closest one. The reason behind this thought is, bed bugs bite on human’s body and leave skin problems on that particular host. There’s no effect on others who live with the host. Even, there’s nothing to fear about your pets. Bed bugs don’t bite other animals. So, there won’t be any question.

On the other sense which is actually contradictory that bed bugs rash may be contagious. Bed bugs hide in the clothes, beddings even in the luggage. So, the users of these things may get bitten by the same group or source of bed bugs.

Bed Bug Rash Duration

You have already known that bed bugs cause rash. Now I am speaking about the duration of bed bug red rash on our skin. When you get the first bite, it will be a simple matter. But when you get rashes on your skin and starts itching, then you will get irritation. Then a question will rise in your mind – “Bed bugs rash, how long?” The bed bugs rash timeline starts within a couple of hours after getting bitten. The eve of the rash will start when your feel to rub or scratch it.

Many people don’t react to skin rash at all, at least not within a day. But the people who have sensitiveness to allergens, they might see bigger red rashes on their skin within an hour. Bed bugs can’t harm our skin severely. But you may get problems if you are more allergic. These rashes remain visible for 5-7 days commonly. Then they automatically fade away and the skin becomes normal. But if the bites are more in amount, then the rashes can remain up to 8-10 days. It all depends on your skin sensitivity and cure of them.

human hand bed bug rush

Bed Bugs Rash Vs Scabies

Bed bugs and scabies are both dependent on feeding the human blood. They both can be the reason to skin rashes. Their symptoms are almost same and you can hardly identify them without doctor’s advice. But there are lots of differences between a bed bug rash and scabies.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs bite on our skin in a line (pattern) or a group.

  • The rashes are visible mostly in our exposed body parts like arm, leg, shoulder, neck etc.
  • These are identified with red, swollen bumps or wheals.
  • Bed bugs hide after they bite humans.
  • They appear due to room temperature, warmth of our body and the carbon dioxide we release.
  • Pesticides or heat can treat the bed bugs.
  • Bed bugs aren’t contagious but spread through bedding, luggage etc.
  • Bed bugs rashes remain up to 2 weeks max.


  • Scabies mites don’t maintain any specific pattern of biting instead they bite all over the surface of our body.
  • The marks of scabies bites are found on our feet, between the fingers, armpits, toes, under the nails etc.
  • Human skin gets white or red lines or burrows for the scabies.
  • Scabies have a tendency to dig burrows on skin, they bite, lay eggs and remain in the burrows.
  • They appear on our body skin to dig burrows in the warm, moist folds.
  • You can treat them with skin cream and lotion.
  • Scabies are contagious, and you may get affected when you are in contact with others who have scabies.
  • Scabies can remain mostly 2-6 weeks.

So, you’ve got the idea about the term of bed bugs rash. Now, I am moving to the next point. I think this will help you.

Bed Bugs Rash Symptoms

Identifying the bed bugs rash symptoms isn’t quite simple as you may think about it. The reason behind it is that these rashes contain similarities of getting bitten by other insects. Bed bugs rash looks like the same red swollen area on our skin as the mosquito bites can do. Again, almost all insects which bite humans have the same style of biting and creating rashes on the skin. That’s why, when you get rashes on the skin, you may treat in wrong way. Here I am showing almost identical symptoms of bed bugs rashes:

In my opinion, there are two ways to find the signs of bed bugs rashes. These can be the proof of the presence of bed bugs in your surroundings and the signs on your body. Let’s know 1st one. This is easier to identify than the 2nd one.

It is simply that if your house or room is the shelter for bed bugs, then you might possibly get bed bug bites. Later you will get bed bugs rashes. You may find the red or brown spots on the bedsheets. Sometimes, their discarded exoskeleton, dead bodies can be found. At the night or under the low light while you are sleeping, the bed bugs will bite you and cause rashes on your skin. Actually, these are to be sure when you can’t identify the signs of rashes on your body.

Now, I will show you how to sort out the second way. You will find lots of symptoms on your body. See the below picture and watch the video on how a bed bugs rash looks like.

Bed Bugs Rash Pattern

Bed bugs rashes can appear in different patterns on our skin. You can find them in a clustered pattern. These rashes become visible like a group of red wheals. The rashes look like one’s circumference is attached to another’s circumference. Mostly these types of rashes pattern are found on our back, arm or legs. Again, you may get bed bugs rashes in a linear pattern. The rashes place in a line on our body skin.

The linear pattern of bed bugs rashes are commonly found on our elbow side’s skin and legs. But you can find any pattern of these rashes similarly scattered on our exposed body parts. Bed bugs may bite in the same place again and depend on time to time. So, you should investigate that properly.

First Appearances of Bed Bugs Rashes

Within 20 or 30 minutes, generally, most of the people won’t get any specific symptoms of bed bugs rashes. Later there where the place is bitten may uphold single red welt which will grow its shape and activity gradually. You can feel that bed bugs rash not itchy for the first time. This depends on our skin sensitivity of itchiness towards the rashes.

Scratching them may bring the feelings of relaxation. But on the other hand, more scratching seems to help grow the bed bugs rashes severe. Many people may not have any reaction to bed bugs rashes. Some of the bed bugs rash mild itchy.


Bed Bugs Bashes on the Different Skin and Body Parts

Bed bugs rash on skin and bed bugs rash on the black skin are no different. Don’t think that black skin people don’t get bites of bed bugs. Black skinned people get darker marks of rashes on their skin due to the skin tone. Either they can red in color or may be dark black or brown. Bedbugs rash on face is rare to get. You may find them scattered on the cheek as clear red spots.

Sometimes they are painful as few suffered people said. Bed bugs can’t bite on the palm of our hands. But the opposite side skins are more favorable to bed bugs rash on hand. If you get rashes between the fingers, then possibly they aren’t caused by bed bugs. Maximum times, the bed bugs tend to bite and crawl on our arm. Here you will see the clusters of bed bugs rash on arms. The red bumps can be raised here.

And the sensitive skins get faster symptoms of rashes than less sensitive skins. Bed bugs can bite through the clothes. But they hide themselves in the clothes. This can be the reason to get bed bugs rash on stomach.

You won’t be able to use wrist watches because of the bed bugs rash on the wrist. Because the itchy of these rashes mightn’t help you to wear them comfortably. Bed bugs rash or hives are relatively different from each other though they look indifferent. Bed bugs rash is smaller in size than hives.

It is obvious that little babies aren’t as bearable as the adults. These itchy rashes can also disturb them. Your baby will start rubbing on the rashes once and again. If your baby has eczema problem, then this will turn to serious matter.

You may have heard this question often that “Are bed bugs rash painful?” The answer is simple. Bed bugs rash is painless. But when these rashes change their shapes to raised bumps or blisters, then you might get them painful.

Bed Bug Welts

Bed bug welts are similar to other bugs bites. All these can make skin itchy and turn into a big skin problem. These welts depend on the human’s reaction to how lately or how much they react to them. Many persons may improve bigger welts and many will have zero effect.

When you get bitten with bed bugs, there’s a chance to call the welts but not so faster after the bites. It will take a couple of days to have welts. The frequent traveler who needs to stay in any hotel room may get bed bugs utmost. Because there’s a higher possibility to live of bed bugs groups. He can have these spots rounded red colors.

Yet again, the people who share their bed with others may show a reaction in different manners. One can have welts and the other can’t. It’s all about their skin sensitivity towards this bed bug welts.

Proper treatment and awareness can help you to cure or treat the bed bug welts.

So, you have got all the information about the bed bugs rash, its nature, and symptoms. It will be an injustice to leave the article now. That’s why I am explaining the facts of the treatment of the bed bugs rashes.

Bed Bugs Rash Treatment

The primary step of bed bugs rash cure is to prevent having them on our skin. You need to find out the presence of bed bugs in your room and kill them with bed bugs clearly. You should keep the room temperature comfortable. Low temperature and more moisture may bring back the little insects. Let the sunshine and natural air come to your place.

Now I am telling you about bed bugs rash medication after you get them. Bed bugs rashes can disrupt your normal breathing, severe swelling. When these rashes are highly itchy and you are forcefully scratching your rashes, there might be bleeding and the area will be hot. Stop scratching or rubbing these rashes as soon as possible. In this case, you should meet the dermatologist soon.

I think there’s nothing or less to worry if you get bed bugs no rash. But it’s good to be careful. Wash the bitten area with antibacterial soaps. Keep your body parts clean and wash regularly.

There are many bed bugs rash home remedies to cure them at your home. These are affordable and faster solution to the problems. An ice pack wrapped with a thin towel can reduce the itch of the rashes if you rub the pack gently on your skin. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply the ball on the affected areas. There are more home remedies like these. They are baking soda, witch hazel, aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar etc. These things are available in your nearest stores or might be in your home.

There are also medical treatments for the bed bugs rashes if you are looking for alternative options. Topical steroid creams, oral antihistamines, antiseptic creams and several skin ointments can reduce the dimensions of the bed bug rashes. But I recommend you to have a prescription from the doctors to apply these medicines to certain sensitive areas. If you treat unnecessarily or anything goes wrong, the result will be worsening. So, it’s better to keep yourself in contact with the skin doctor.

Bud Bug Rash

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A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. And a bed bugs rash free skin is a sign of good health. If you get the rashes somehow, you should inquire them first. No need to rush, find the reasons behind bed bugs rashes as I have mentioned earlier in this article. Then make sure the condition of the rashes.

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You can apply either home remedies or the skin creams to cure them. You should treat them depending on reaction and quality of the bed bugs rash on the skin. Talk to your doctor or skin specialist for improved and better treatment. I have included all the things about bed bugs rashes like their symptoms, treatment etc.

I wish all these information will help you greatly. Remember that, bed bugs rash may look like the least problem. But it can be a major problem to affect your health badly. Always try to maintain a clean residence and thus you won’t have any bed bugs rash.

Peter Robert

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