Where do ants live and what do they eat?

Ants do tell that the summer has come. Yes, when the moisture starts increasing at the end of the spring, their presence becomes perceptible.

Where do ants live

Where do ants live?

Almost 12500 species of ants are identified. There are still unknown species of ants spread out the world. Ants can live and survive anywhere. But ants are good in number closed to the humans. They live in household areas, which becomes issues for the people.

Where do ants live?

Carpenter and fire ants are two most known ants. Carpenter ants harm people structurally by damaging the trees, buildings, furniture, etc. Fire ants sting when something or someone becomes obstruction against them. some stings can produce intense pain and itching to people too!

However, they live in a colony in groups and have the division of labor, communication method, and ability to fight against odds.

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What do they eat?

Ants have different types of diet, depending on their species.

What do ant eat?

Different ants love to have versatile foods on their meal. As an example, sweet ants love sugar, honey, and other sweet foods.

Did You Know? Salt can kill ants!

Grease ants have oily, fatty, and greasy items as food. Some ants eat the flesh of dead animals.

The leafcutter ants cut leaves to produce fungus. There are so many of them, and all of them have diversities like the examples mentioned.

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